Monday, July 28, 2008

Karmaville: Friday and Saturday

KARMAVILLE, U.S.A. is coming to The Living Theater at 19 Clinton St. - August 1st and 2nd. Tickets are available at Karmaville was written by Shaneca Adams with music by Philip Hamilton and Kenny "The Human Orchestra" Muhammad.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Karmaville is coming to the Living Theater

Welcome to the welcome center for Karmaville, U.S.A..  I am your host Guruji Cheese Fonduji.  I am the Karmaville King of the Hood.  You may know my #1 students Yin and #1 student Yang.  They are a bit crazy, and hooked on one another.  But as a little story goes... Two students were locked in an inner struggle between peace and righteousness, only one will prove they can overcome the silliness of impermanence.  Show opens 8/1/08 at 8 and their will be shows at 2 and 8 on Saturday 8/2/08... See for yourself what everyone is meditating about.